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Transform your computer into a video security system with Object Detection, a free software that enables automatic face recognition and captures images from multiple USB webcams or IP cameras, as well as other video capture devices. Its highly optimized motion detection feature lets you monitor and record video alerts as soon as motion is detected, and it can automatically upload videos to Video Surveillance Cloud for safekeeping.
To enhance your smartphone's video capabilities with AI-powered detection, check out Motion Detection for Android. This app detects every movement and saves videos automatically to either your phone or cloud server. With its smart detector that only starts recording when motion is detected, the app is both efficient and convenient.
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Turn your phone into an advanced smart camera for seamless object recognition and video surveillance.
This app is specifically engineered to automatically capture videos and store them on your phone or the VideoSurveillance.Cloud server as soon as it detects a person and other objects within the frame

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With simultaneous video feeds from multiple cameras, Object Detection makes it easy to monitor your property from anywhere with an internet connection.

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For even more advanced features, consider using Video Surveillance Cloud, a hybrid cloud solution that employs real-time object recognition video analytics on the camera stream source side. With this technology, you can access your surveillance footage remotely from anywhere. The software provides features such as online security monitoring, object detection, motion detection, event-triggered and time-lapse recording, remote viewing, facial recognition, and automated license plate recognition.
In recent years, the use of surveillance cameras has become increasingly prevalent, both in private and public spaces. With the advancement of technology, these cameras have become more powerful, enabling better video quality, greater zoom capabilities, and advanced features such as object detection.Object Detection is a software that allows users to turn their IP cameras and webcams into a powerful video security system. The software uses AI computer vision to recognize objects in real-time, including cars, people, dogs, cats, and more. This enables users to monitor what is happening in their home or business remotely, without having to be physically present.One of the key features of Object Detection is its ability to perform automatic face recognition and Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR). This means that the software can recognize and track specific individuals or vehicles, enabling users to monitor their movements and activities.The software also includes a highly optimized motion detection feature, which allows users to monitor and save video alerts as soon as motion or objects are detected. This is particularly useful in situations where immediate action may be required, such as in a security breach or theft.In addition, Object Detection allows users to capture images from multiple web cameras or IP cameras and view simultaneous videos from all cameras in the main app window. This means that users can monitor multiple areas of their home or business simultaneously, improving overall security.One of the most innovative features of Object Detection is its integration with the Video Surveillance Cloud. This is not an ordinary cloud solution, as it employs real-time object recognition AI video analytics on the camera stream source side. This means that the cloud server and local application can be installed on a phone, personal computer, or cloud camera, enabling users to access their video surveillance from anywhere, at any time.The Video Surveillance Cloud also includes advanced features for online security monitoring, including object detection, AI motion detection, event-triggered and time-lapse recording, remote viewing, facial recognition, and automated license plate recognition. This makes it a comprehensive solution for all types of surveillance needs, whether it be for personal or business use.In conclusion, Object Detection is a powerful surveillance camera software that can help improve security and provide peace of mind for home and business owners. With its advanced features, including AI object recognition and integration with the Video Surveillance Cloud, it is an effective tool for monitoring and preventing criminal activity.
Face detection is a process of locating human faces within an image or video stream. It is a fundamental task in computer vision that involves using machine learning algorithms to identify and localize faces accurately.
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Surveillance Camera refers to a camera system specifically designed to monitor and record activities within its field of view. Surveillance cameras can vary widely, from simple models that record continuous video to sophisticated ones that provide smart functionalities like motion detection, night vision, or automated alerts. They serve as fundamental units in security and surveillance systems, providing visual oversight, deterring unauthorized activities, and maintaining a record of events, finding applications in varied domains, from home security to urban surveillance.

Surveillance Camera

Facial recognition and biometrics. Facial recognition and biometric scanning systems also use computer vision technology to identify individuals for security purposes. The most common example of computer vision in facial recognition is for securing smartphones. More advanced uses of facial recognition and biometrics include in residential or business security systems that use unique physiological features of individuals to verify their identity. Deep learning algorithms can identify the unique patterns in a persons fingerprints and use it to control access to high-security areas such as high-confidentiality workplaces, such as nuclear powerplants, research labs, and bank vaults.
Improve alert performance with line crossing analytics. Receive notification of noise level changes by detecting an audio scene. Find out about all the objects that linger in the selected area.
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Constant Watch with the Surveillance Camera

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